Vertical shaft shredders

Vertical shaft shredders

Broyeur Satellite Desvoys

Satellite shredder

Monodisque Desvoys

Standard Single-Disc Shredder


Single-Disc Shredder Pro

Broyeur axe vertical Espace vert Desvoys

Rotary Mower for Green Spaces

0,80 to 1,40m
15 to 50 hp
Broyeur axe vertical série spécial

Special Series Rotary Mower

1,20 to 1,80m
22 to 85 hp
Clean coupe

Clean-Coupe Mower

1,80 to 2,00m
70 to 130 hp
Broyeur Strong Coupe Desvoys

Strong-Coupe Rotary Mower

1,50 to 2,00m
60 to 130 hp
Débroussailleur-axe vertical-Desvoys

Vertical Shaft Brush-Cutter

1,80 or 2,00 m
80 to 150 hp

Vertical Shaft Forestry Shredder

1,80 to 2,00m
100 to 290 hp
broyeur vigne desvoys

Vineyard Rotary Mower

1,30 to 1,50m
50 to 100 hp
Broyeur Net Coupe Desvoys

Net-Coupe Mower

1,70 to 3,00m
30 to 110 hp
Broyeur Green Coupe Desvoys

Green-Coupe Mower

70 to 110 hp

Multi-Coupe Rotary Mower

90 to 150 hp
Broyeur Farm coupe Desvoys

Farm-Coupe Rotary Mower

2,50 to 2,80m
60 to 120 hp
Pro coupe

Pro-Coupe Rotary Mower

90 to 180 hp
Broyeur Master-Coupe Desvoys

Master-Coupe Rotary Mower

4,80 or 6,40m
85 to 350 hp

For over thirty years, Desvoys has designed, developed and manufactured a wide range of rotary and standard mowers.

From multi-purpose maintenance to crop residue management, as well as specialist applications in vineyards and orchards, Desvoys has the right model for you.

From 0.75 to 6.40 wide, these agricultural shredders require between 15 and 350 hp.

Our long experience gives our shredders unrivalled performance in terms of shredding quality, suction and residue distribution.

We put all our know-how into each machine to give you a long service life and enable you to work efficiently.