Vertical shaft shredders

Single-Disc Shredder Pro

  • Broyeur monodisque surbaissé
  • Broyeur Monodisque surbaissé
Fabriqué en France

Ideal for clearing undergrowth in the tightest spaces.


The Single-Disc Pro is designed for intensive use in restricted environments. This machine is especially suited to mow grass under crash barriers and very low fences, as well as in orchards.

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Key points

Automatic retraction systemEffacement automatique monodisque

Automatic retraction system for the cutter unit requiring no action from the operator.

Bypass systempompe monodique

Hydraulic circuit consisting of a manual pump to regulate the operating pressure of a retracting cylinder and a nitrogen ball to absorb the pressure during the bypass phase.

Low-profile driveMonodisque_Surbaisse_Entrainement

Hydraulic drive using an offset motor, two pulleys and a V-belt to create a low-profile shredding unit with a very small vertical footprint.

RotorMonodisque Surbaissé coupelle 2

Rotor with 3 retractable and reversible cutters for safe and secure use..

Terrain trackingcoupelle d'appui monodisque surbaissé.JPG

Large diameter, freely-rotating thrust disk with wear-resistant Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100plate and floating tilt system for excellent terrain tracking.

Offset couplingattelage déportable monodisque surb

Hydraulic offset coupling on parallelogram for excellent adaptation to all types of carrier machinery and better visibility of the shredding unit..


Working widthil 1 m
Hitch category 1 and 2
Operating side

right-hand shredding: 3-point front/rear/loader

Guide roller standard
Equipment required

 D.A. To power selector - 12 volt supply -

1 S.A. with direct return to power motor

Cutting height 65 mm
Weight 380 kg (without options)
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs


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