Vertical shaft shredders

Master-Coupe Rotary Mower

Broyeur Master-Coupe Desvoys
  • Girobroyeur-repliable
  • Master-coupe-Desvoys
  • Master-coupe Desvoys
  • Broyeur Master coupe
Fabriqué en France

Semi-mounted folding shredder for record throughput.

4,80 or 6,40m
85 to 350 hp

The Master-Coupe semi-mounted mower combines high work throughput with low running costs. It is quick and intuitive to set up, making it particularly suitable for shared use, providing fast work to a high standard.

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Key points

Hydraulic liftMaster-Coupe chariot semi-porté

Quick and easy hydraulic lift system mounted onto a rocker arm with connecting rods: optimised comfort for adjusting cutting height using an SA cylinder.
Trailer semi-mounted onto an axle for optimised safety and comfort on the road.BREVETÉ - EN

Power transmissionTranmission Master-Coupe

3-output main gearbox for identical power distribution to the lateral and central cutting units; driven by shafts and friction limiters to protect each rotor individually.

CouplingAttelage Master-coupe.JPG

Quick coupling and uncoupling, only via ball joints on the tractor lifting arm.
Alignment of the coupling head pivot axis and the wide-angle transmission to protect the transmission regardless of the steering angle.

Cutting partsRotor broyeur Master-coupe.JPG

5-rotor assembly with counter-cutters for optimum shredding quality and power requirements. Housing designed and fitted with numerous deflectors for optimum distribution of shredded material.

Cutting heightRoue Master-Coupe

Convenient, tool-free cutting height adjustment via centralised stop and easy adjustment via push bar on KEVLAR-reinforced side wheels.


Working width 4.80 or 6.40 m
Tractor power 85 to 350 hp
PTO speed 1000 rpm
Hitch category 2 pivoting on clevises
Cutting height 30 to 280 mm

5 rotor - Single-blade - 2 cutters


5 rotors - Triangular - 3 cutters

Weight 3700 or 3950 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to meet your needs.

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