Vertical shaft shredders

Rotary Mower for Green Spaces

Broyeur axe vertical Espace vert Desvoys
  • Espace-vert-axe-vertical
Fabriqué en France

This mower offers a meticulous service to both private individuals and professionals.

0,80 to 1,40m
15 to 50 hp

The Green Spaces vertical shaft mower is ideal for both private and professional users, for maintaining grassy areas and lawns. Its low weight means it can be hitched onto small-sized and medium-powered tractors.

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Key points

SturdyPoutre BV Espace vert

Body mounted onto a cross-bar for increased sturdiness and longer working life.

Single-blade rotorESPACE-VERT_rotor

Single-blade rotor fitted with cutters mounted onto treated bushes with fins and counter-cutters for fine, even shredding.

Adjustable cutting heightpatin espace vert

Adjustable cutting height per skid pair for optimum rotor protection.

CouplingAttelage BV Espace vert

Floating coupling for excellent terrain tracking, which can be offset (depending on model), to suit all tractors and uses.

Anti-ejection stripsPalette Espace vert

Front anti-ejection strips for safe working at all times..


Working width 0.80 to 1.40 m
Tractor power 15-50 hp
Hitch on cat. 1 pins
PTO speed 540 rpm
Cutting height 25 to 75 mm
Rotor 2 cutters
Weight from 108 to 212 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to meet your needs.

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