Blades and snow removal equipment

Blades and snow removal equipment

Lame déneigement Desvoys

Snow clearing blades

2.50 m and 3 m
150 hp max
Lame déneigement compact

Compact blades

2.25 m
75 hp max
Lame polyva arriere

Multi-purpose swivel blade

2.50 and 3.00m
70 to 200 hp
Lame à volet

Hydraulic silage blade - 4 metres

2.70 to 4.00 m
Lame ensilage grand volume Desvoys

Large volume silage blades

2.50 m

Silage blades

2.50 to 3.00 m
Lame niveleuse type eco

Eco type grader blades

2.00 and 2.50m
50 to 100 hp
Lame niv Super

Grader blades super type

2.50 and 3.00 m
90 to 200 hp

For over thirty years, Desvoys has designed, developed and manufactured a wide range of winter maintenance tools for the safety of local authorities, private individuals and all road users.

Our wide range of tools also includes many models of front-mounted and towed blades. These are used in particular for clearing light materials, levelling and even performing larger earthmoving operations.

Our long experience gives our tools unrivalled performance in terms of longevity, reliability and precision.

We put all our know-how into each machine to offer you quality and enable you to work efficiently.