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1820 - EN

François Desvoys set up as a farrier in Landivy, which would become the cradle of the company. His son, Eugène Romain, then his grandson, Eugène Vital, both followed in his footsteps.

Place Landivy

His great-grandson, Alfred, complemented his trade as a farrier by developing tillage tools (such as animal-drawn harrows) and established himself permanently at the current site.

Outil du sol

The 1st 3-point bucket was manufactured, the start of a long list of farmyard equipment, that would build the reputation of DESVOYS for its sturdy and functional tools. The Desvoys company was officially created.

Histoire - benne redimensionné

The 1st grass and silage distribution implements were then developed.

Ancienne distributrice3

The 1st shredder was created, prefiguring a major development.

Histoire 1er giro

The growth of the family business intensified with the purchase of a site in Ernée for the production of a new roadside shredder (the DMF), which was a great success.

Site Ernée intérieur

The head office in Landivy was expanded, starting with the assembly unit and the installation of a paint line, combining energy efficiency and approval by the relevant environmental authorities.

chaine de peinture

The Access By Desvoys brand was created for less frequently used products.


Desvoys then expand into Germany and set up a subsidiary: Desvoys Gmbh.

drapeau allemagne

The production facilities were modernised with new premises.

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Several robots were installed to improve performance in terms of quality, productivity and working conditions.

Robot de soudure

The company