Vertical shaft shredders

Satellite shredder

Broyeur Satellite Desvoys
  • satellite sur broyeur axe horizontal
  • Satellite sur tondeuse
  • Satellite sur Vini-Cut
  • Broyeur-satellite
Fabriqué en France

Save time by shredding rows and inter-rows in a single pass.


Equip your horizontal shaft shredder or mower with a Satellite to boost your work performance even further. With just one pass, you can cut the grass in the rows and between the rows of your plantations, ensuring a healthy orchard and a trouble-free harvest.t d’une récolte sereine.

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Key points

Automatic retractionSatellite boule azote

Adjustable automatic retraction via a nitrogen ball to adapt to all obstacles to be avoided.

Satellite inclinaisonTerrain tracking

Floating tilt system.
Large diameter, freely-rotating and tilting thrust disk for excellent terrain tracking.Retractable cutters
coupelle satellite.JPG

Retractable cutters

Rotor fitted with 3 retractable cutters mounted onto treated bushes for excellent durability.

caoutchouc satelliteCrop protection

Peripheral rubber strip to limit stress on the bark and protect fruit trees.


Working width 0,75 m

depending on adaptation, on Vini-cut, Arbo-cut, Excel Cut,

Masterfield, Net Coupe

Slide of use rear right
Offset / shredder side 0,58 m
Rotor 3 retractable cutters, 5 counter-cutters
Cutting height 60 mm
Weight 103 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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