Spare parts

Spare parts

Quality is an essential objective at Desvoys. Supplying you with high-quality, durable spare and wear parts is therefore an essential criterion for us.

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The advantages of original Desvoys parts are:

Numéro_Plan de travail 1-01Available immediately and for the long term.

Numéro_Plan de travail 1-02Maximum longevity thanks to stringent manufacturing processes and the use of quality materials.

Numéro_Plan de travail 1-03Perfectly adjusted to work with your machine.

Numéro_Plan de travail 1-04Perfectly adapted to your machine for perfect work quality.

Numéro_Plan de travail 1-05Reduce costs and save time with longer part replacement intervals.

Numéro_Plan de travail 1-06Guarantee you strict quality control.

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