Our commitments


Agriculture is a strategic issue

The world's population has grown considerably over the last 50 years. Agriculture must rise to new challenges to produce more with an ever-growing world population, and produce better by using less arable land, less energy and less water.

Desvoys is at your side to help you meet this challenge.

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Offering product and service excellence

Since its creation, Desvoys, an independent, family-run business, has aimed to design and manufacture high-quality machines, with a motto handed down from generation to generation: always do better.

Our aim is to continue to improve, both now and in the future.

For our customers, we want to be the most trustworthy brand and reassure them that they are making the right choice by buying a Desvoys product, built to last and accompany them for many years of service.


Achieving industrial excellence

Because the quest for excellence is part of our DNA, we have always built our machines in our own factories, using French manufacturing processes and know-how. The attention we pay to each detail ensures you will be able to rely on our machines for a long time to come. To guarantee you this quality ahead of its time, we regularly invest in the most modern production methods and resources.

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Useful innovation

Since the company’s creation, we have always listened to and exchanged with our customers. Our customers have a constant need for improvement. Working methods are also changing. The tools that will be useful in 10 years' time need to be devised now. Each new product and innovation represents much more than a new step. It is a challenge to create something even more perfect.

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Cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit

Our performance has always been the result of the commitment of the men and women who make up our teams.  The entrepreneurial spirit forms a guiding principle for our employees:

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These values guarantee our longevity and results, combining entrepreneurial challenge with innovation and the constant quest for the highest quality.

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