Horizontal shaft shredders

Exel-Cut shredder

Broyeur Exel-cut Desvoys
  • Excel Cut
  • Exel-Cut-Desvoys
  • Exel Cut
Fabriqué en France

All the top-of-the-range equipment in a compact shredder.

1.65 to 2.43m
45 to 130 hp

The EXEL-CUT shredder is the all-rounder when it comes to multi-purpose maintenance. Whether mowing grass, clearing undergrowth or managing prunings, it is always able to deliver top-quality work.

Key points

Double slide hitchattelage excel cut

Hydraulic offset hitch on double slide for longer life and finer adjustments.

Adjustable rear covercapot arrière excel cut

Adjustable rear cover for easy maintenance and to adapt to the volume of material to be processed.

Provision for retaining teeth kit to suit specific applications.

High-performance housingExel-Cut tole + contre couteau

Armour plated shredder housing with 3 counter-cutters for greater impact resistance and finer shredding.

Adjustable rollerRouleau Excel-Cut.JPG

Reinforced roller with removable sealed end caps sealed end caps, height-adjustable for good terrain tracking and depth-adjustable to facilitate ejection and roller cleaning.

Satellite adaptation Adapt satellite Excel cut

Optional satellite shredder and bolt-on adaptation to reach vegetation under the rows and automatically bypass trees.


Working width 1.65 to 2.43 m
PTO speed 540 or 1000 rpm
Tractor power 45 to 130 hp
Hitch category 1& 1 clevis hitch
Cutting diameter 435 mm
Number of hammer cutters 20 to 24
Counter-cutters comb
Adjustable terrain tracking roller
Weight 770 to 900 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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