Farmyard equipment

Multi-purpose buckets

  • Benne-polyvalente
  • Benne-polyvalente-basculement-avant
Fabriqué en France

One machine, several possible applications.

1.60 to 2.00 m

Multi-purpose buckets can be used for all day-to-day tasks: whether for transport, clearing or snow removal, these buckets adapt to any site. Their sturdy design also ensures long life.

Key points

Sturdy bodyCaisse bennes

One-piece mechanically-welded body: the base, backrest and sides form a single element, making the whole unit extremely sturdy.


Front or centre tipping to increase tipping angle and payload.


Reinforced chassischassis benne_

Large cross-section tubular chassis over the entire bottom of the bucket for a high payload and great rigidity.

Easy loadingLame rabot

Standard scraper blade for easy loading and neat work.

Double-opening doorPorte benne double ouverture .JPG

Optional double-opening door, offering more load volume and excellent functionality.


Model 1.60 to 2.00 m
Coupling category 1 on lifting arm or perforated drawbar, depending on model
Volume 0.700 to 0.900 m³
Payloads 800 or 1000 kg, depending on model
Weight 128 to 232 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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