Farmyard equipment

Large volume Vineyard buckets

  • Benne gd volume vigne av
  • Benne-vendange
Fabriqué en France

The ideal bucket for grape harvesting.

2.10 to 2.50 m

The specificity of the "large volume vineyard" bucket lies in its dimensions, which correspond exactly to those of harvest crates.

Key points

RiserRéhausse benne - EN.JPG

Standard tubular risers and double-opening door for safe, efficient stacking of grape crates.


Sturdy bodyCaisse bennes

One-piece mechanically-welded body: the base, backrest and sides form a single element, making the whole unit extremely sturdy.

TippingBasculement Benne GV vigne

Central tipping for excellent tipping angle and high payload.

Easy loadingLame rabot

Standard scraper blade for easy loading and neat work.

Double-opening doorBenne_GV_Porte

Additional double-opening door offering more load volume while maintaining excellent functionality.


Model 2.10 to 2.50 m
Tilting central on carrier element
Coupling category 2 on clevis hitch
Riser riser and riser door included
Volume 1.800 or 2.150 m³
Payloads 1500 kg
Weight 470 or 530 kg, depending on model
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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