Blades and snow removal equipment

Grader blades super type

Lame niv Super
  • LAME super niveleuse Desvoys
  • Lame niveleuse Super DESVOYS
Fabriqué en France

Versatile, agile and robust.

2.50 and 3.00 m
90 to 200 hp

The Super range of blades meets all your earthmoving and levelling needs. Specially designed for intensive use, these particularly sturdy machines guarantee excellent longevity and versatility, thanks to a wide range of options to suit every application.

Key points

Modular and adaptable déport et orientation manuelle lame super Desvoys

The blade can be swivelled, offset and reversed to suit all phases of every task.

The Super blade is also available in a tilting version.

ChassisLame super - potence

Particularly robust coupling head and headstock, made from thick, folded and mechanically welded sheet metal.

SwivelPivot lame super

Large diameter swivel coupled to two large flanges, fitted with grease nipples for long service life and offering a wide range to effectively disperse mechanical stresses.

Blade unitLamier lame éco

Blade unit structure with cross-bars for great rigidity and excellent durability.

Wear bladeLame d'usure boulonnée

Bolt-on Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100wear blade as standard for long life, suitable for all materials.


Width 2.50 et 3.00 m
Tractor power 90 to 200 hp
Hitch category 2 clevis hitch
Orientation manual 22° right/left
Offset manual 23° right/left
Height 0.63 m
Weight  820kg -1030 kg
Options please refer to the product sheet below.

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