Blades and snow removal equipment

Snow clearing blades

Lame déneigement Desvoys
  • Lame neige Desvoys
  • Lame à neige Desvoys Accueil
  • lame de déneigement Desvoys
Fabriqué en France

A snow plough for all self-propelled vehicles.

2.50 m and 3 m
150 hp max

Specially designed for efficient road maintenance, the snow clearing blade combines great sturdiness with a high throughput. Thanks to its multiple coupling options, it can be adapted to most self-propelled snow clearance vehicles: tractors, telescopic handlers or trucks.

Key points

Articulated scraperRacleur articulé lame de déneigement.JPG

Double rubber articulated scraper, retractable in 3 or 4 sections, for excellent terrain tracking while preserving road surfaces.

Blade unitLame de déneigement - lamier

A large blade unit with multiple stiffening folds, and curved to encourage snow to roll up properly, limiting power consumption and projections onto the carrier machine.

OrientationLame déneigement - orientation.JPG

27° left and right hydraulic swivel (requires a DA) for greater manoeuvrability.

Extra-large diameter zinc-plated swivel with grease nipples for extra strength and long service life.

Signalling kitSignalisation lame à neige compacte.JPG

Signalling kit for winter service as standard, including clearance lights, reflectors, reflective strips and sheathed wiring harness (as per standard NF-P-98-795).

VersatileLame déneigement - adaptation

The blade can be fitted to all types of road clearing equipment: lifting arm and loader, tractor, telescopic handler and carrier vehicles fitted with a SETRA plate.


Width 2.50 or 3.00 m
Tractor power 150 hp
Hydraulic orientation 27° right/left
Hitch 3-point hitch, category 2
Rubber 65 shores
Winter warning kit standard
Height 1.10m
Weight 556 to 634 kg
Options please refer to the product sheet below.

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