Monodisque Desvoys avec palpeur
This machine with its distinctive shape lives up to its name. The shredder's main feature is an offset disc, making it particularly suited to maintenance work under fences, railings and all types of plantations.

Local authority workers and farmers will be quick to adopt this tool, which offers real working comfort and high sustained throughput.

Here is a list of the various uses offered by the two versions : the "Monodisque Standard" and the "Monodisque Pro".

The Monodisque as a fence mower

Grassland maintenance under fences is made easier with the Monodisque. When the disc comes into contact with a post, it retracts to go around it and returns to its initial position to continue shredding between posts. This solution will prevent damage to fences caused by weeds such as brambles or ivy, and the loss of fence effectiveness.

Monodisque sous cloture Desvoys

The Monodisque as an under-rail mower

The Monodisque is ideal for mowing under guardrails and barriers. To limit the amount of debris ejected onto the road, a rubber flap and/or blower are available as options can be purchased separately so as to keep your roads clean. The rear or front lights ensure the safety of users, and the safety guard roller prevents the mower from getting too close and damaging the highways barriers grass cutter.

As an optional extra, local authorities can purchase and equip a road sweeper. This scrub weeds off from the gutter drain channels and spares the use of chemicals.

Monodisque broyeur sous glissiere Desvoys

The Monodisc mower for orchard maintenance

This machine can also be used to maintain orchards and all types plantations. As with the under-fence mower, the automated self-retracting  cutter system does not require any input from the drive. A sensor can be purchased separately for the more fragile saplings so that the disc self-retracts before touching the trunk.

Pairing this with another mower such as a "Master-Field" or an "Arbo-Cut", makes for improved productivity. In a single pass, the rows and inter-rows are maintained in an environmentally-friendly way. This technique reduces pest-presence and on top of nourishes the soil as the mower down material decomposes.

Monodisque Pro Desvoys

The Monodisc can be used on the right-hand side of the rear or front 3-point hitches or on a loader, as well as on the left-hand side of the front or telescopic 3-point hitches. It can be tailored to all types of terrain thanks to its tilting system for perfect ground contour following. Hydraulic drive requires a flow rate of between 40 and 50 L/min, or the use of the hydraulic power pack, available as an option, for simple PTO drive.

Discover our two models: the "Monodisque Standard" and the "Monodisque Pro".