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Combined DRH Master-Field Shredder

Broyeur DRH Master-fieldcombiné Desvoys
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  • DRH-Master-field-combine
  • DRH-Master-field-combine-Desvoys-8m
Fabriqué en France

3 shredding elements for a very wide working width.

8.00 m
160 to 280 hp

With its 8.00 m working width, the Combined DRH  Master-Field is ideal for large expanses of grass, intermediate crops and harvest residues. The central shredding element can also be used alone, mounted either at the front or back of your tractor. Ultimate versatility!

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Key points

ChassisChassis broyeur DRH MF combiné

Oversize chassis composed of bushed pivots and hydraulic folding to hold the two shredder housings in the working and transport positions.

RotorMASTER-FIXE rotor

Large diameter rotor equipped with heavy duty B1 hammer cutters for versatile shredding and suction (grass, brambles, bushes, etc.).

Transmission protectionDRH Master-field transmission

Transmission protection for increased sturdiness and quick access for maintenance.BREVETÉ - EN

Hydraulic folding and lockingDRH MF combiné repliable

Hydraulic folding shredder (1 D.A.) to facilitate its deployment for work and folding for transport.

Combined or solo useCombinaison broyeur MF.JPG

Combined use to prevent the tractor from passing over the matter to be shredded.

The front element can be used solo, in push or pull mode for greater versatility of use.


Working width

front element: 2.35 to 3.10 m

rear element: 8.00 m

PTO speed 1000 rpm
Tractor power rating 160 to 280 hp

front element: category 2 clevis hitch - floating position 

rear element:  category 3 clevis hitch


Cutting diameter 475 mm
Number of hammers

front element 26 to 34 

rear element: 2 x 34

Counter-cutters removable U-shaped, top and bottom
Terrain tracking

roller with removable sealed end caps

pair of bolt-on Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100wear-resistant skids


front element: 1435 to 1600 kg

rear element: 3100 kg

Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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