Horizontal shaft shredders

Vini-cut fixed Shredder

Broyeur Vini-cut fixe Desvoys
  • Vini-cut-fixe-Desvoys
  • Vini-cut et satellite
  • Broyeur-entretien-vignoble
  • broyeur Vini Cut fixe
Fabriqué en France

Suitable for all types of vineyard configurations.

0.80 to 1.75m
25 to 110 hp

The VINI-CUT shredder is ideal for maintaining grassed grapevine rows and effectively shredding vine prunings. Its small footprint makes it for all types of vineyard to protect the vines in all circumstances. Finally, its sturdy design means it can handle all types of vegetation.

Key points

Ergonomics adapted to vineyardscaisse vini-cut fixe

Profiled housing with protective truncated corners, belt housing, rounded bolts and lower skids to glide over leaves and protect the vines.

Wide front openingvini-cut fixe ouverture

Wide front opening and 100% retractable anti-ejection strips to facilitate matter intake..

Retaining tinesdent rétention BH vini-cut

Optional height-adjustable retaining tines, shaped to meet the needs of professionals.

2-position hitchposition attelage vini-cut fixe

Depth-adjustable model to fit all tractors and make it easier to fit the transmission.

Adjustable rollerRouleau réglable vini-cut

Reinforced roller with removable sealed end caps sealed end caps, height-adjustable for good terrain tracking and depth-adjustable to facilitate ejection and roller cleaning.


Working width  0.80 to 1.75 m
PTO speed 540 rpm
Tractor power 25 to 110 hp
Hitch category 1 clevis hitch
Cutting diameter 410 mm
Number of hammer cutters 8 to 14 
Counter-cutters comb
Adjustable terrain tracking roller
Weight 320 to 470 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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