Horizontal shaft shredders

Swathing Shredders

Broyeur andaineur
  • DR4 andaineur
  • Broyeur Andaineur
  • DRH culture combiné andaineur
Fabriqué en France

A 2-in-1 solution.

3.20 to 8.40 m

Swathing belt shredders shred and collect material up to 8m40 wide in a single pass, providing an ideal solution for methanisation and mulching. As standard, the belt, combined with the shredder, offers a complete solution for efficient, fast work.

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Key points

Swathing system on Logo DR4 3,20mSchéma andaineur DR4

On the Logo DR4, the windrow is deposited at the right-hand edge of the shredder, which makes it possible to gather matter up to 6.40m wide in one pass.

Swathing system on Logo DRH Culture 6,40mSchéma andaineur DRH

On the Logo DRH Culture, the 2 belts are positioned on either side of the machine, with the windrow centred over the working width, which makes it possible to collect large volumes of matter.

Swathing system on Logo DRH Culture combiné EN8,40mTapis andainage DRH Culture Desvoys

On the  Logo DRH Culture combiné EN, the 2 belts are positioned on the rear side housings, with the windrow centred over the working width, enabling very large volumes of material to be collected over a width of 8.40m.

Hydraulic driveBandes transporteuses

Hydraulic drive for conveyor belts (requires 1 or 2 DAs depending on model).

Conveyor belts with cleats for collecting large quantities of material to form a voluminous windrow and maximise site logistics.

Removable beltkit tapis d'andainage

The unit can be fully disassembled to return to normal use.

The system can be fitted onto new or existing machines.


Working width 3.20m to 8.40 m
PTO speed 1000 rpm
Tractor power 90 to 400 hp
Hitch category 2 or 3 clevis hitch
Terrain tracking rear roller
Weight 2130 to 5300 kg
Options machines can be upgraded to suit your needs

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