Horizontal shaft shredders

Combined DRH Culture Shredder

DRH culture combiné élément arrière
  • DRH Culture combiné
  • DRH Culture au travail
Fabriqué en France

Wide shredding unit combining high throughput and manoeuvrability.

8.40 m
200 to 400 hp

The Combined DRH Culture shredder offers versatility and high throughput. Its great width provides excellent shredding throughput, while during manoeuvres, its combination of mounted elements gives you excellent manoeuvrability, saving you extra time.

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Key points

Chassis DRH Culture combinéChassis

Oversize chassis composed of pivots to hold the two shredder housings both in the working and transport positions.

rotor DTH_CULTURERotor

Large diameter rotor suited to multi-purpose work (grass and large crops) thanks to its 6-row rotor equipped with Y cutters + fan.

DRH MF combiné repliableHydraulic folding and locking

Hydraulic folding shredder (1 D.A.) to facilitate its deployment for work and folding for transport.

Roue DRH Culture combiné.JPGTerrain tracking

Equipped with a pair of twin wheels with damper + 1 pair of single wheels for longer life and improved terrain tracking

DRH Master-field transmissionTransmission protection

PATENTED transmission protection for increased sturdiness and quick access for maintenance.BREVETÉ - EN


Working width

front element: 3.20m 

rear element: 8.40 m

PTO speed 1000 rpm
Tractor power 200 to 400 hp

élément avant : Catégorie 2 en chapes

élément arrière : Catégorie 3 en chapes

Hitch 650 mm
Number of hammer cutters

front element : 76 Y cutters

rear element: 104 Y-cutters + 52 fans


front element: Removable combs, top and bottom 

rear element: removable smooth, top and bottom

Terrain tracking

front element: Roller Ø 245 + pair of bolt-on, wear-resistant Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100skids 

rear element:  1 pair of semi-pivoting twin wheels with damper


front element: 1790 to 2020 kg 

rear element: 4300 kg


machine can be upgraded to suit your needs

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