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Bale grabber multi-fix

Pince Balle Multi-Fix
  • Pince-balle-multi-fix
Fabriqué en France

Three different coupling options for a bale grabber offering outstanding specifications.

0.90 to 1.80m

The Multi-Fix bale grabber is the latest development in classic bale grabbers. This new machine has all the technical features of the standard version, but its great originality lies in its multiple coupling options: Euro, MX, Manitou.

Key points

CouplingMulti accrochage pince balle

Three coupling possibilities (Euro, MX, Manitou) by simply moving parts - no tools required.


Large grabsgrande pale pince balle

Large grabs which provide a better grip of the bale and avoid tearing the plastic film when handling it

Wide openinggrande dimension pince balle.JPG

Grabber with extra-wide paddle opening for greater working efficiency, grips bales with a diameter of between 0.90 and 1.80 m.

Spring systemRessort pince balle Desvoys

Four centring springs to exert even pressure on the bale and give the paddles greater stability when travelling unladen.

Compact unitPince balle bati compact-01

Compact unit with low overhang for improved manoeuvrability and use in cramped environments.

JointsPinceBalle bague

Joints mounted onto bushes and fitted with grease nipples for excellent durability.


Adapters All-in-1 coupling equipment: MX, Euro, Manitou
Maximum bale weight 1200 kg
Bale diameter 0.90 to 1.80m
Double-acting cylinder and pilot valve to close the grabs
Flow limiter adjust the opening and closing speed of the arms
Weight 261 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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