Farmyard equipment

Forage blade

  • Lame-a-repousser Desvoys
  • lame-a-repousser-Desvoys
  • Lame-a-repousser-sur-godet
Fabriqué en France

Equip yourself with a forage blade to save time and improve your working comfort.

0.85 to 1.40 m

The forage blade is an essential tool to improve your working comfort as you handle animal feed refusals every day. Additionally, with the optional mixed coupling system, the blade is coupled and uncoupled quickly, and is always within easy reach.

Key points

Multi-purpose hitchAttelage mixte lame à repousser

A wide range of coupling options (3-point category 1, loader, telescopic handler, mixed coupling) to suit all types of carrier machines.

Reversible pusher bladelamier réversible lame à repousser

Right or left reversible pusher blade to suit all building configurations.

Adjustable orientationOrientation lame à repousser

Adjustable orientation by push bar or, as an option, by double-acting cylinder to push back even the most fibrous rations.


ScraperLame a repousser caoutchouc réversible

Reversible reinforced rubber scraper, particularly resistant to abrasion.


Working width 0.85 to 1.40m (depending on angle of orientation)
Blade 3-position offset
Height 0.60m
Orientation 35° to 60°
Reversible Reinforced rubber, 65 shores
Weight 140 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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