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Scrapers series

  • Racloir
Fabriqué en France

Suitable for all your spaces and daily tasks.

2.15 to 4.50 m

The hydraulic variable-width scraper allows you to adjust the working width to suit the different tasks to be carried out. Available with a 3-point, loader or telescopic handler hitch, it has a a working width ranging from 2.15 to 4.50 m, which offers great versatility of use.

Key points

Sturdy assemblyRacloir articulation baguée

Extremely sturdy assembly for intensive, everyday use, with thick side walls and wear bushes with grease nipples.

Floating blade unitAttelage flottant racloir

Scraper equipped with a floating blade unit and a third-point light offering vertical and angular travel for perfect terrain tracking.

Hitchattelage racloir

Category 2 3-point hitch as standard or, as an option, bolt-on coupling parts to enable you to hitch your scraper to all types of carrier equipment: 3-point hitch, front loader, mini-digger or telescopic handler.

EfficiencyRabot racloir grande dimension.JPG

Scraper sized to move a large volume of slurry while ensuring a high throughput.

Scraper bladelame racleuse racloir Desvoys

Reversible, reinforced rubber scraper blade for excellent resistance to friction and abrasion.


Working width 2.15 to 4.50m

Hitch 3-points Category 2
optional: telescopic loader

Height 0.45m
Depth 1.75m
Rubber 65 shores
Weight 530 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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