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Hydraulic silage blade - 4 metres

Lame à volet
  • Lame ensilage hydraulique 4M
  • Lame 4m ensilage
  • Lame 4m pour ensilage
Fabriqué en France

Switch from 2.70 to 4.00m and increase your efficiency.

2.70 to 4.00 m

Desvoys has developed a large volume hydraulic blade to meet the new output rates of the silage industry. The impressive dimensions of this blade give it a large working capacity and its specially designed curvature limits power consumption when pushing.

Key points

Large dimensionsLAME MAÏS 0365

Sturdy blade and large dimensions for record efficiency.

Reinforced bladeLAME MAÏS poutre

Thick blade with 2 reinforcement cross-bars for good rigidity

Hydraulic flapsLAME MAÏS 0365 ouverture

2 independent hydraulic flaps to facilitate pushing and compacting phases.

Wear bladeLAME d'usure MAÏS_

Bolt-on Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100 wear blade offering excellent abrasion resistance.

WeightPoids lame grand volume

Weight providing extra ballast and extra strength.


Model 2.70 to 4.00m
Category 2 hitch on 3-point lift
Height 1.30m
Flaps requires 2 DAs for hydraulic flaps
Weight 1224 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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