Farmyard equipment

Rows of vines buckets

Benne vigne Desvoys
  • Benne-vignoble-Desvoys
Fabriqué en France

Move easily through grapevine rows.


The special feature of the "vineyard row" bucket is its width/depth ratio, which makes it easy to manoeuvre, while providing a good load volume.

Key points

Dimensions adapted to vineyard rowsBenne-vigne-Desvoys - dimension

Reduced width for easy movement between grapevine rows.

Deep, with plenty of load space.

Sturdy bodyCaisse bennes

One-piece mechanically-welded body: the base, backrest and sides form a single element, making the whole unit extremely sturdy.

Tippingbasculement benne_rang de vigne

Front tipping on a lifting arm for fast, efficient dumping.

Scraper bladeLame rabot

Standard scraper blade for easy loading and neat work.

Double-opening doorPorte benne double ouverture .JPG

Optional double-opening door, offering more load volume and excellent functionality.


Model 1.32 m
Tilting forward on lifting arm
Coupling category 1 on perforated drawbar or lifting arm
Volume 0.560 m³
Payloads 600 kg
Weight 118 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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