Distri-Max DT Bucket

  • Godet-desileur-distri-max-DT
  • Godet-desileur-DT
Fabriqué en France

The all-rounder for manoeuvrability.

2,20 to 2,80m
1.40 to 2.20 m³

The Distri-Max DT bucket is highly manoeuvrable yet efficient: the dual left and right distribution means you can feed your livestock in all conditions. Even and very fast distribution thanks to the very large diameter screw (550mm). Last but not least, the optimised design of the body ensures excellent visibility both when loading and on the move.

Key points

Double flapsGodet DT - trappe

Double guillotine flaps on the right and left to suit all building configurations, with large opening to increase distribution flow.

Cylinders protected at the rear to permit access right up to walls and improve visibility of the flap opening.

Distribution screwGodet DT - vis

Large diameter distribution screw with truncated pitch for even feeding of the screw and even distribution through the flap.

Geared motorGodet DT - motoréducteur

Driven by a high-capacity geared motor (requires a DA) for greater sturdiness without requiring a drainage circuit.

SturdyGodet DT - renfort solidité

Body equipped with extra-wide shoes for greater rigidity and increased bucket life.

Attachment bars for bolt-on coupling for increased rigidity and lateral offset to suit the load-bearing machine.

Wear bladeGodet DT - Lame

Standard extra-wide wear blade to better protect the bucket sides.


Width 2.20 to 2.80m
Capacity 1.70 to 2.20m³
Hatch left or right
Hitch front loader hitch or telescopic
Weight 805 to 928 kg (without options)
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs

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