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DRH Culture Shredder

Broyeur DRH Culture Desvoys
  • DRH Culture
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  • DRH Culture Desvoys
Fabriqué en France

Wide shredder with large shredding chamber volume for record performance.

4.80 m and 6.40 m
130 to 300 hp

The DRH Culture offers large farms, CUMAs and ETAs remarkable shredding capacity and a high work throughput, while offering great ease of use thanks to hydraulic folding and locking.

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Key points

ChassisChassis_DRH Culture

Oversized chassis with bushed pivots for longer life.

Housing and rotor DRH_CUTURE rotor

Robust housing with armour plate for excellent durability.

Large diameter helical rotor equipped with Y-cutters and fins for excellent suction and perfect shredding quality.

Adjustable cutting height DRH_CULTURE roue

Adjustable cutting height via all-terrain semi-pivoting notched wheels: pair of twin wheels on shock absorber pad, and/or pair of single wheels.

Transmission protectiontransmission DRH culture combiné

Transmission protection for increased sturdiness and quick access for maintenance.BREVETÉ - EN

SwathingDRH culture andaineur

Hydraulic swathing belt device: available as an option to gather shredding residues into a windrow.


Working width 4.80 m and 6.40 m
PTO speed 1000 rpm
Tractor power 130 to 300 hp
Hitch category 3 clevis hitch
Cutting diameter 650 mm
Number of hammer cutters

104 Y + 52 pallets for the 4.80m model

136 Y + 68 pallets for the 6.40m model

Counter-cutters removable combs, top and bottom
Terrain tracking

4 all-terrain notched wheels for the 4.80m model

6 all-terrain notched wheels for the 6.40m model


3470kg for the 4.80m model

4010kg for the 6.40m model

Options scalable machine to suit your needs.

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