Distri-Max ST Bucket

  • Godet-desileur-ST-Desvoys
  • Godet-distri-max-ST
Fabriqué en France

The answer to large herds.

2.20 to 2.80 m
2.40 to 3.70 m³

The Distri-Max ST bucket focuses on performance for record productivity, with a 550 mm diameter screw, an extra-wide opening hatch and large loading volumes. The extra-wide shoes, stiffening fold,  folded sheet metal bottom and attachment bars for bolt-on coupling ensure astonishing sturdiness, which guarantees reliability and profitability.

Key points

Distribution screwGodet ST - vis

Very large-diameter distribution screw with truncated pitch for even feeding of the screw and even distribution through the flap.

Geared motorGodet ST - Motoréducteur

Driven by a very high-capacity geared motor (requires a DA) for greater sturdiness without requiring a drainage circuit.

Drive system protected in an easily accessible side box.

SturdyGodet ST - renfort solidité

Extra-wide shoes for greater rigidity and increased bucket life.

Cross-beams to stiffen the housing structure and accommodate a bolt-on hitch for lateral offset to suit the load-bearing vehicle.

HatchGodet ST - trappe

Extra-wide guillotine hatch opening to increase the available distribution flow for right- or left-hand distribution.

Cylinder protected at the rear to permit access right up to walls and improve visibility of the flap opening.

Wear bladeGodet ST - lame

Standard extra-wide wear blade to better protect the bucket sides.


Width 2.20 to 2.80m
Capacity 2.90 to 3.70m³
Hatch left or right
Hitch 3-point category 2 hitch OR telescopic
Weight from 930 to 1100 kg (without options)
Options please refer to the product sheet below

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