Horizontal shaft shredders

Vni-Cut mixed shredder

Broyeur Vini-cut Mixte Desvoys
  • Vini-cut Mixte - entretien vignes
  • Vini-Cut Mixte Desvoys
  • Broyeur vigne mixte
  • Vinicut mixte au travail
  • Vini-cut mixte au travail
Fabriqué en France

Attach it to the front or rear of your tractor for vineyard maintenance.

1.30 to 1.95 m
40 to 110 hp

With the Vini-Cut Mixte shredder,  improve 3 important aspects of your shredding activity with a single tool. Improve the quality of your work by shredding before the tractor wheels,  and increase your work throughput by pairing this combined machine with a rear-mounted tool, while ensuring your working comfort by having a shredder positioned in front of the driver's cab.

Key points

Very high-speed rotor Vini-Cut Mixte marteau

High rotation speed and profiled hammer cutter for finer shredding.

Wide front openingVini-cut mixte ouverture

Wide front opening and 100% retractable anti-ejection strips to facilitate matter intake.

Ergonomics adapted to vineyardsVini cut mixte coin

Profiled housing with protective truncated corners, belt housing, rounded bolts and inner skids to glide over leaves and protect the vines.

Offset hitchAttelage Vini-cut mixte

Clevis hitch with hydraulic offset on 2 slides for excellent handling and improved terrain tracking in vineyards.

GearboxBoitier Mixte cut

Double throughput gearbox with double free wheel that adapts regardless of the PTO direction of rotation.


Working width 1.30 to 1.95 m
PTO speed 540 or 1000 rpm
Tractor power 40 to 110 hp
Hitch category 1 and 2 clevis hitch with offset
Cutting diameter 410 mm
Number of hammer cutters 10 to 16
Counter-cutters comb
Adjustable ground following reinforced roller end caps
Weight 610 to 740 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to meet your needs.

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