Horizontal shaft shredders

DR8 Shredder

Broyeur DR8 Desvoys
  • DR8 - broyeur grande culture
  • Broyeur axe horizontal DR8
  • DR8 herbe
Fabriqué en France

All the experience of Desvoys in a sturdy, efficient shredder for intensive use.

2.80 m and 3.20 m
100 to 240 hp

The design of the DR8 was optimised to give it great sturdiness - which guarantees longevity, and excellent working efficiency for a rapid return on investment.

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Key points

HousingDR8 - poutre

Sturdy housing structure with 3 large beams and armour plate for greater impact resistance.

Power transmissionDR8- transmission

Oversized gearbox, shaft and trumpet for easy maintenance and particularly reliable power transmission.

RotorVue montage fléaux DR8

Large diameter rotor tube offering excellent rigidity and a large cutting diameter. Versatile, upgradeable rotor for mounting a wide range of cutting tools, including Y cutters, 10 mm thick cutters, fan cutters, pallet cutters and the new B9 hammer cutters.

New hammer cutterMarteau B9

New B9 hammer cutter, available as an option, offering good suction for working in particularly difficult vegetation.

Rouleau DR8Cutting height

Cutting height adjustable via a pair of semi-pivoting, all-terrain notched wheels or, as an option, a rear roller with assisted adjustment to facilitate adjustments and improve working comfort.


Working width  2.80 m and 3.20 m
PTO speed 1000 rpm
Tractor power 100 to 240 hp
Hitch category 2 clevis hitch
Cutting diameter 685 mm
Number of cutters

60 for the 2.80m model - 72 for the 3.20m model

Counter-cutters removable combs, top and bottom
Terrain tracking

pair of semi-pivoting wheels

skids with Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100plates


1800 kg for the 2.80m model

1900 kg for the 3.20m model

Options machine can be upgraded to meet your needs.

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