Horizontal shaft shredders

DR4 Shredder

  • Broyeur DR4 Desvoys
  • DR4
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Fabriqué en France

With its 3-beam structure, this sturdy tool is ready for all types of shredding.

2.00 to 3.20m
70 to 220 hp

For many years now, the DR4 has been unanimously recognised for its versatility : a routine maintenance and crop residue management shredder, suitable for both individual and shared-ownership use. A wide range of options is available for you to configure this shredder to meet your exact requirements.

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Key points


Housing designed around 3 beams for high rigidity and fitted with an easily interchangeable bolt-on armour plate which increases the housing’s resistance to wear.


RotorRotor DR4

One-piece rotor shaft with double bowl to withstand high mechanical stress.

Large diameter tubes and a wide range of cutting tools for great versatility.

Cutting partsorgane de coupe DR4.JPG

Reversible Y cutters or pallet cutters (optional) mounted onto treated bushes passing through the 2 supports for extended  rotor service life.

Cutting heightHauteur de coupe DR4

Cutting height adjustable with a pair of bolt-on Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100wear pads and a pair of large-diameter semi-pivoting wheels.

As an option, the basic equipment can be replaced with harder wearing wheels, castor wheels or a roller, to suit all uses.


Adjustable, rounded rear cover for better distribution of matter on the ground and easy maintenance.


Working width 2.00 to 3.20 m
PTO speed 540 or 1000 rpm
Tractor power 65 to 200 hp
Hitch category 2 clevis hitch
Cutting diameter 650 mm
Number of hammer cutters 56 to 76
Counter-cutters removable smooth, top and bottom
Terrain tracking pair of semi-pivoting wheels - pair of bolt-on Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100 wear-resistant skids
Weight 1220 to 1730 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to meet your needs.

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