Horizontal shaft shredders

DMF standard Shredder

DMF Standard - Desvoys
  • Broyeur d'accotement DMF Standard
  • Broyeur DMF-Standard
  • DMF standard
Fabriqué en France

A verge shredder designed for professional shredding.

1.60 to 2.00m
55 to 150 hp

The DMF STANDARD shredder offers impressive shredding capacity. Suitable for regular uses, multi-purpose shredding and brush-cutting. It is lightweight, meaning it can be hitched onto low-powered tractors to maintain excellent manoeuvrability.

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Key points


Large diameter rotor with B1 hammer cutters, optimally positioned for fine shredding in all circumstances.


Sturdy chassis and hitchbras_DMF_STANDARD

One-piece bent-tube floating hitch and double parallelogram arm with integrated cylinder for greater sturdiness and extended tool life.

"NON-STOP" safety deviceSecurite- DMF standard

Automatic reset "NON-STOP" safety device for flexible operation and mechanical retraction in the event of an obstacle.

Armour plateDMF_ENTREPRISE tole

Armour plated shredder housing for improved resistance to impacts and wear.

Adjustable cutting heightpatin_DMF_STANDARD

Adjustable cutting height via a reinforced roller with removable sealed end caps.

Skids with bolt-on wear-resistant Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100plate for greater sturdiness and extended tool life.


Working width 1.60 to 2.00 m
PTO speed 540 rpm  
Tractor power 55 to 150 hp
Hitch floating clevis hitch with parallelogram offset
Cutting diameter 435 mm
Number of hammer cutters 20 to 22
Counter-cutters flat welded, top and bottom
Adjustable terrain tracking roller with removable sealed end caps
Weight 920 to 1000 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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