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Standard Single-Disc Shredder

Monodisque Desvoys
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Fabriqué en France

Weed efficiently by letting the cutter unit bypass obstacles on its own.


To maintain fences, orchards and guardrails, the Single-Disc Shredder has a simple, effective retraction system consisting of a cylinder, a nitrogen ball and a hand pump. This innovative concept enables the shredding head to automatically bypass any obstacles it encounters.

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Key points

Retraction systemMonodisque 1.JPG

The disc presses against the obstacle. The shredding unit retracts. The retraction cylinder moves back and inflates the Nitrogen ball.

BypassMonodisque 2.JPG

The shredder unit bypasses the obstacle.

End of bypassMonodisque 3.JPG

The pressure from the Nitrogen ball pushes the cylinder out

Bypass systempompe monodique

Hydraulic circuit consisting of a manual pump to regulate the operating pressure of a retracting cylinder and a nitrogen ball to absorb the pressure during the bypass phase.


Rotor with 3 retractable and reversible cutters for safe and secure use.

Terrain trackingInclinaison monodisque surbaissé.JPG

Large diameter, freely-rotating thrust disk and floating tilt system for excellent terrain tracking.

Thrust disc with wear-resistant Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100plate


Working width 1 m
Hitch category 1 and 2
Operating side

 right-hand shredding: 3-point rear or front

eft-hand loader/shredder: 3-point front or telescopic

Rotor 3 retractable cutters
Equipment required

1 D.A. to power selector - 12 volt supply -

1 S.A. with direct return to power motor

Thrust disc 700 mm diameter
Cutting height 65 mm
Weight 360 or 370 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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