Forks for pallets

  • Fourche-palette
Fabriqué en France

Handle pallets, paloxes and containers in complete safety.

360 to 910 mm

 Desvoys pallet forks make it easy for you to handle pallets, paloxes and other types of containers. These tools can be fitted onto a front loader or 3-point lifting arm, depending on your needs.

Key points

Sturdy unitFourche palette écartement

High lifting capacity, even for the heaviest loads.
Adjustable fork spacing to fit most standard containers.

StabilityFourche palette  grande dimension

Large forks for greater stability during handling.

Floating forkFourche palette flottante

Floating fork for easy use in all situations.


Coupling 3-point category 2 on clevis hitch or front loaders
Fork length 1.10 m
Fork width 120 mm
Fork thickness 70mm
Spread 360 mm min / 910 mm max
Maximum authorised load 2000 kg
Weight 126 to 145 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.

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