Silage blades

  • Lame à ensilage 2
  • Lame ensilage silo
Fabriqué en France

Work safely and efficiently with this silage blade.

2.50 to 3.00 m

Desvoys offers a robust front blade to fill silage silos. Its meticulous design also provides the driver with excellent visibility to ensure safe and efficient work.

Key points

Screened upper sectionHauteur grillagée Lame à ensilage

40% of the useful height of the blade is made of an expanded sheet metal screen to provide excellent visibility during work and transport.

Wear bladeLame d'usure lame ensilage

Bolt-on Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100 wear blade offering high abrasion resistance.

ClevisesChapes lame ensilage

Height-adjustable clevis hitch to suit all types of lifting arms.

Modular silage bladeRetenu ou rallonge lame ensilage

Optional retaining sides and side extensions for greater versatility and blade efficiency.


Model 2.50 to 3.00m
Hitch category 2 hitch on 3-point lifting arm
Height 1.05m
Weight 418 to 462 kg

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