Master series - 3 point buckets

Godet Master
  • Godet-Master-hydraulique-Desvoys
Fabriqué en France

Halfway between the standard bucket and the hydraulic bucket.

2.00 to 2.50 m

The Master bucket is the perfect compromise between the practicality of a 3-point bucket and the flexibility of a hydraulic bucket. Its flat base makes it easy to load, and its wide tipping angle offers a large useful volume.

Key points

Sturdy hitchAttelage godet master

Large size cat 2 hitch with mechanically-welded clevises, designed to withstand heavy mechanical loads.

Reinforced chassisMaster_Châssis

Large cross-section chassis along the entire outside of the housing to easily absorb mechanical loads.

Tipping and dumpingMaster_Benne_Cave

Hydraulic tipping and dumping via 2 high-power double-acting cylinders.

Rotationally flanged cylinder and tilting axles with grease nipples to limit wear and maximise longevity.

Wear bladelame godet master

Standard welded wear blade to increase sturdiness when loading stacked products.


Model 2.00 to 2.50 m
Tilting hydraulic
Coupling category 2 on clevis hitch
Blade welded wear blade
Volume 1.350 to 1.690 m³
Payloads 2200 kg
Weight 474 to 534 kg
Options machine can be upgraded to suit your needs.


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