Blades and snow removal equipment

Multi-purpose swivel blade

Lame polyva arriere
  • Lame polyvalente
  • Lame Polyvalente orientable
Fabriqué en France

Modularity and sturdiness are its strengths.

2.50 and 3.00m
70 to 200 hp

As their name suggests, multi-purpose blades can meet all your needs. Whether you're doing heavy earthmoving or light maintenance work, clearing snow or filling silos, these versatile blades, with their wide range of options , will enable you to work in all conditions and in all seasons.

Key points

Orientationorientation lame polyvalente.JPG

Adjustable blade unit mounted onto a large-diameter pivot with grease nipple for extra sturdiness.

Right and left-hand orientation as standard for greater working comfort and productivity.

Tilt pivotInclinaison_Polyvalente

The blade unit of the multi-purpose blade is also available as a hydraulic tiltable version (requires a DA).

Blade unitPoutre lame polyvalente

Blade unit structure with cross-bars for great rigidity and excellent durability.

ChassisLame polyvalente - chassis

Very sturdy chassis and headstock, made from folded and mechanically welded components.

Wear bladeLame d'usure 0377_

Bolted Hardox-ENG-Logotype-CMYK-uai-100wear blade for long life, suitable for all materials.



Width 2.50 to 3.00 m
Tractor power 70 to 200 hp
Hitch 3-point hitch, category 2
Orientation 29° right/left
Height 0.63 m
Weight 560 to 625 kg
Options please refer to the product sheet below.

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